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Smile of an Angel (oneshot)

Title: Smile of an Angel
Pairing: Kevin/Pichy
Genre: general, romance (?)
Word Count: 1063
Rating: R
Warnings: sexual content involving minors
Summary: Pichy hates Kevin's smile.

After observing his bandmates for a good twenty minutes, Pichy decides that whatever's going on cannot be good. With only a month left until X.I.S officially starts their activities, they've been spending more and more time at Harlem Shake and RS, practicing until they collapse onto the wooden floors, only to be forced back up because they still have an hour left until they can go home.

Unfortunately, spending so much time together brought any and all flaws in their teamwork to the surface. The cold dread pooling in Pichy's gut tells him that the fact that the members are currently huddled in a corner, but not including Pichy or Kevin, is in no way a coincidence. He chews at his lip, stealing a quick glance at Kevin, who catches him, as always, and shrugs in return.

It's not my fault, he thinks bitterly. He can't help it, the way he shies away whenever Kevin is around. Something's just not right in the way Kevin smiles, Pichy thinks. It is an innocent smile that seems anything but innocent when Pichy sees it directed at him. The corners of Kevin's mouth curve just a little more, his teeth show just a little more in a way that, for some reason, gives Pichy goosebumps. He doesn't like it, it isn't right. That's what he tells himself, anyway. Honestly, it scares him, the way Kevin smiles when no one else is looking.

After several minutes, Kang approaches them, settling down cross-legged in front of the pair. One by one, the other three join them on the floor, Kwang sitting just slightly behind Kang, Jiho sitting next to Pichy and giving him an encouraging grin, and Kyungtae placing himself right next to Kang, as if backing him up.

"Kevin's going to sleep over at your place tonight," Kang finally says, the words rushed and quiet. The other three visibly tense, Jiho's hand instrinctively going to Pichy's arm and squeezing as Pichy panics. He stutters for a good half a minute before finally managing a one-word response.


Kang shrugs, and Pichy can't read his expression. "We've all spent the night together before. What's the big deal?"

"The big deal-!" he squeaks, but seals his mouth shut. We wants to argue, because yes, the band has spent the night together, and yes, Pichy has spent the night at a few of their houses before, but Kevin's never even stepped foot inside Pichy's house. Pichy's been inside Kevin's a few times, but always in the company of a least one mutual friend and only for a few minutes while Kevin ran upstairs to grab a bag or shirt or something.

"I don't mind," Kevin's calm response interrupts Pichy's thoughts and increases his panic. Kevin gives him a smile, which he assumes is meant to be kind, or reassuring, or something good, but all Pichy can see is the way the lines at the corner's of his friend's eyes crinkle a little too much. He gulps.

"Then it's settled," Kang yawns, and the group heaves a collective sigh. Well, everyone but Pichy. Pichy remains wide-eyed, searching his brain for any excuse he can find to use while his friends start getting to their feet.

"C'mon," Jiho chuckles, reaching out a hand to help him up. He takes it and smiles gratefully.

"Hey, you want to stay over, too?" he asks quickly, whispering to avoid drawing any attention. Jiho sighs, patting him on the back.

"No way. You two need to work out whatever issues you have."

"But-" Jiho punches him lightly on the arm, then walks away to join Kyungtae by the duffel bags. A hand gently touches his arm, making him jump and whirl around, only to find Kevin grinning behind him.

"It can't be that bad, right?" he asks, following the question with a laugh that send chills down Pichy's spine.

Pichy's back hits the door of his closet, the knob painfully digging into his spine as Kevin forces him back. He tries to think of his mother, in the kitchen directly below them, preparing snacks and drinks to bring up to them any time now, but as Kevin kisses his face, all he can picture are similar scenes- one, the the bathroom at Harlem Shake, when Kevin had cornered him in a stall and given him his first hickey; another, in the rocking car of the ferris wheel, with the fimling crew lurking just below as Kevin almost accidentally tossed Pichy's shirt over the side in his rush to pull Pichy's pants off and-

He shakes his head, pushing against Kevin's shoulders in vain as the younger boy's arms wrap tighter around Pichy's waist. "Hey, m-my mom-" An oddly deep chuckle against his ear, making him gasp and Kevin bites his earlobe. He kisses Pichy's forehead, then his cheek, before roughly pressing their mouths together. Pichy's squeezes his eyes shut and groans against Kevin's lips, his hips instinctively arching against Kevin's hand when he brushes his fingers against Pichy's zipper.

"You think I'm going to waste time during our first sleepover?" Kevin sighs against Pichy's neck, running a hand along Pichy's bony hip beneath his shirt. "Especially when you avoid me anytime we're with the others?" He takes Pichy's hiss as encouragement and shoves Pichy's jeans down, his other hand having already undone the button and zipper long ago.

It's not my fault, Pichy thinks. It really isn't, not when Pichy is the only one who knows that this is all that's on Kevin's mind nowadays.

"But Mom-!" Pichy's protest is silenced by lips and tongue and teeth as Kevin's mouth crashes into his again. A hand slips into his boxers, stroking him lightly until he is practically crying out into Kevin's mouth. When Kevin stops, kissing Pichy's swollen lips lightly and backing away, Pichy grabs his wrists and yanks him close, whining against Kevin's mouth when he doesn't continue. A smirk twitches at the corner of Kevin's mouth before he kisses down Pichy's face, sucking on his neck and pausing only to pull Pichy's t-shirt over his head. Pichy's hands pet Kevin's hair like a dog as the younger boy kisses down his chest and stomach, stopping at his belly-button to smile up at Pichy.

"Don't worry, you'll be done way before your mom gets here," he mumbles before taking Pichy's length into his mouth and Pichy definitely believes him.

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