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The Things Nightmares are Made Of (oneshot)

Title: The Things Nightmares are Made Of
Pairing Gen, Kwang-centric
Rating: G
Word Count: 1667
Warnings: none
Summary: Things Kwang doesn't like: heights, long road trips, his friends, and scary movies.
Notes: Set during X.I.S' brief radio tour way back when. Kyungtae's fear of cats will never not be funny.

Six teenage male bodies climb into the back of a van and two adults settle in the front at a safe distance. Kwang takes the seat closest to the sliding door, but he knows that the escape route won't help much when they're on the highway, even with Kang as a buffer between himself and the rest of his friends. Pichy is already talking a mile a minute to Jiho, who is crammed in the very back with Kyungtae and Kevin, who already has his headphones on and eyes closed. For a second, Kwang contemplates doing the same, but then Kyungtae's heavy hand falls on his shoulder and he starts babbling to Kwang in a half-asleep mix of Korean and Thai and Kwang knows that this is going to be a very long trip.

Despite being told by their managers several times, Kwang can't and doesn't remember how many radio shows they're going to visit in the next few days. All he knows is that he is about to spend a lot of quality time with his bandmates. A lot of time.

Something happens in the backseat that makes Jiho squeal like a baby pig. Kyungtae chuckles and Kang whacks him with his Stitch neck pillow, only to have it taken away.

"Relax, baby," Kyungtae snickers as he shoves the pillow beneath him and Kang almost falls over the seat between them trying to get it back. "I'll keep it warm for you." Lunging away from Kang's clawing hands, Kyungtae smashes Kevin against the side of the van, earning a swift smack to the side of his head. Kyungtae's anguished cry echoes in the crowded space, followed by Pichy shouting for everyone to settle down and Jiho continuing to complain about whatever Kyungtae did that started this entire mess.

Kang's ass is way too close to Kwang's face as he puts on his sleeping mask and prays that no one touches him, at least on purpose.

By some merciful act fate, Kwang ends up sharing a hotel room with Pichy that night. Well, not so much an act of fate as an act of annoyance, because since the hellish car ride that morning, Jiho had stuck to Pichy like glue to the point that Pichy had been willing to room with anyone but Jiho, and hey, Kwang called dibs. Kang had looked a little hurt, Kwang's usual roommate on trips, but if Kwang wanted a good night's rest, Pichy was his best bet, since Kang had the amusing but slightly disturbing habit of talking in his sleep and, well, the others were insane.

The day had been very productive despite everything. They'd visited two radio stations and the interviews had gone reasonably well. The good thing about having slightly off bandmates is that they make for fantastic entertainment. After a celebratory dinner in a relatively nice restaurant and the thirty minute fight over who was to room with whom (Kevin agreed to be with Kyungtae for the sake of the greater good), Kwang wanders into his room before Pichy, who stays in the hall to further direct the chaos. For someone who loves to cause trouble, Pichy has a surprising knack for controlling troublemakers. Fate's funny like that, or at least Kwang thinks so. Kwang face-plants on the bed as soon as he steps through the door, not even bothering to take of his sunglasses.

He doesn't remember falling asleep, so it's a little jarring to find himself being shaken awake what feels like a few seconds later. Judging by the darkened windows, a few hours have passed at least.

"You okay, man?" Pichy asks with a concerned frown. "You've been out a while."

"I'm good," Kwang groans. His throat feels dry and his eyes heavy, but he sits up on the bed. "Sorry."

"Nah, it's all good. Just weird."

There's nothing weird about sleeping when you're tired, when your friends have systematically done everything they can to make the day has hectic and stressful as possible, Kwang wants to say, but he opts for grabbing a water bottle from the night stand and taking a long drink instead. No point in taking it out on Pichy. He drinks the bottle's entire contents and glances at the clock. Okay, maybe he gave Pichy too much credit.

"It's one in the morning," he says as evenly as he can.

"Yeah," Pichy confirms with a grin. Kwang's look must betray his thoughts-- something about throwing Pichy off of something really, really high, like maybe their hotel-- because Pichy quickly adds, "Did you forget?"

Obviously. Kwang nods.

"Tonight's movie night!" All Kwang can manage is a labored blink, and before Pichy can continue, there's a faint knock at their door. Pichy hops from the bed to answer, and all at once Kyungtae, Kang, Jiho and Kevin barge into the room. All of them are dressed for bed, Kang even holding his Stitch pillow and Jiho in some cartoon-print pajamas. Kyungtae dives onto the bed and makes a lame attempt to shove Kwang off, laughing when he fails.

"'Sup," he yawns with triumph. Jiho crawls onto the bed between Kyungtae's spread-eagle body and the headboard and curls up into a fetal position. While Pichy rummages through his bags, Kang and Kevin perch on the edge of the bed, the only free space left.

All of them look as exhausted as Kwang feels, but they cheer as Pichy pulls out his laptop. "Are you serious?" Kwang groans and lets himself fall back, using part of Jiho's shoulder as a pillow.

"Sleeping would be so uncool," Kyungtae mutters. He tickles Kwang's shoulder but gets bored soon when he receives no complaint. Kevin must become his next target, because Kwang he's him start to grumble and slap at Kyungtae.

Kwang contemplates falling asleep right there. Jiho is already snoring beneath him, and the hotel bed is very, very comfortable. The muffled sounds of Kevin and Kyungtae bickering mixed with Pichy's quiet muttering as he sets up the computer form a light hum in Kwang's ears, lulling him slowly back into unconsciousness.

And then a woman's high-pitched scream erupts from the center of the room and Kwang leaps to his feet, trips, and stumbles into the spare chair next to the bed.

Pichy leaps up to help, Jiho doesn't stir, Kyungtae erupts into laughter and Kang and Kevin just kind of stare, which Kwang actually appreciates the most. It takes a good fifteen minutes to get Pichy and Kyungtae calmed down-- each in their own way-- and at that point, Kwang doesn't even care that he's about to spend his precious few hours of sleep watching who-knows-what movie as long as he can sit down and (hopefully) not have to listen to any of them for the rest of the night.

No such luck, it seems. He should have known better from the scream. Something Kwang's managed up until this point to hide from his friends is that, along with heights, Kwang is terrified of... pretty much anything horror-related. As the SAW logo pops up on the DVD menu, Kwang squeezes the pillow in his lap and bites his lip, leaning against Kang in a way he hopes doesn't come off the wrong way.

"Can you believe people are afraid of this stupid crap?" Kyungtae sneers as the opening credits float ominously across the screen.

Kwang has to bite his tongue, hard, to keep from meowing. Not that Kyungtae wouldn't deserve it.

The first five seconds are fairly uneventful and Kwang thinks, hey, this might not be so bad. Two guys wake up.

Oh, shit. Chains can't be good. Jiho mumbles something about lunch in his sleep. Kyungtae chuckles, low and expectant. The guys on the little screen start to panic and look around, and then they see something--

Holy fuck. Kwang isn't sure what happens next because his mind goes blank, but when he manages to focus, all five of them are staring at him from the bed. What woke Jiho up, the boy who is literally impossible to wake up once he's been out for fifteen minutes? But there he is, blinking sleepily from the edge of the bed down at Kwang. Wait, when did he get out of the bed? The blanket is wrapped around his ankles and the pillow is still clutched tight in his hands.

"I, uh," he starts, but his throat clenches. His tongue is like sandpaper and he grabs for the water bottle on the stand. Alas, it's empty, so he swallows hard and tries in vain to clear his throat.

Kyungtae laughs-- only once, quick and surprised. Kwang shoots him a look that makes it very clear what will happen if Kyungtae does it again.

Very slowly, Kwang says, "Let's forget what just happened." One by one, his friends nod, the last of which being Kyungtae who can't manage to wipe the grin from his face but doesn't dare say anything more.

They all pretend not to notice that Kwang turns away and feigns sleep for the remainder of the movie.

Their managers' jaws drop the next morning. All six of them look exhausted, but Pichy looks utterly dead. He can barely string together a mumbled, "Don't ask, man." Kwang isn't offended when Pichy moves to the back of the van for the next jaunt, dragging Kevin with him to create a tolerable barrier between himself and the rest of the world.

Kwang almost feels bad, seeing his friend suffering so much.

"He looked fine when we left," Kang whispers as they climb into the van. "What happened?"

Kwang shrugs and gives him an angelic smile. "I had nightmares." He then pulls on his sunglasses and takes a much-needed nap leaning on Kang's shoulder.

That night, they gather in Jiho and Kyungtae's room and watch Aristocrats, and it's Kyungtae's turn to have nightmares. Pichy is conspicuously absent, but Kwang makes sure to show him the video he recorded of Kyungtae cowering under his blanket the next morning.

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